[Review]The Past, The Present, The Future-Jodeci 


Jodeci is back like they left something! The Past, The Present, The Future sounds like the Jodeci picked up where they left off and didn’t miss a beat!  The album is 12 songs deep with guest appearances from B.o.B(Nobody Wins) and Mila J(Body Parts). The album for the most part doesn’t stray to far from the formula that helped Jodeci win in the 90’s.

The lead single, Nobody Wins featuring B.o.B is solid, but the second single Every Moment is vintage Jodeci. This song feels like it was pulled out of the 90’s but refreshed for 2015. Now let’s get to what you really came to hear, the tracks I loved. 

Sho Out,is a mid-tempo that I absolutely love with K-Ci on lead vocals, this song fits like a glove. Those Things, pays homage to Jodeci classic songs, JoJo and K-Ci ride the beat and DeVante or Mr. Dalvin even rap on this one, I Iove this one! Body Parts is again vintage Jodeci and they added Mila J to give it a young feel, I honestly could have done without her, but I know why she was added. Stress Reliever,is a slow song and right in Jodeci’s lane. This is a nice song to add to that playlist, you know what playlist I’m talmabout! 

The Past, The Present, The Future is a solid comeback album for Jodeci. It honestly sounds like they never left. The album is not trying to make Jodeci something they aren’t, it sticks to the script, and this works. The album sounds new without sounding like your uncles trying to fit in with the young kats. I would have liked to hear something with the group and Diddy, he is somewhat responsible for their success, but hey I won’t complain. 

Final Rating 3.5/5

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?