Tamartians Rejoice! 
She! Me! Her! AKA Tamar Braxton has released the lyric video for her new single, If I Don’t Have You. I am really not HERE for the lyric videos, but hey I’m sure there is someone out there who enjoys watching PowerPoint presentations with words and music, and I am here to give be people what they want! 
The video uses the newspaper effect. Tamar *taps shoulder* I need the real video pumpkin. The song comes from Tamar’s upcoming album, Calling All Lovers, due out on July 31. We can expect the new season of  WeTv series,Tamar and Vince, to probably premiere around that same time. The Herbert’s are very strategic when it comes to album set-up.
Check out the video below:

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?