[WATCH] Coffee(F*cking)-Miguel

So…Miguel decided he was going to go above and beyond to quell those pesky gay rumors with his new video for Coffee(F*cking). There is loads and loads of dry hunching,kissing, throat grabbing *yawns* I guess the video fits the songs and the sexy theme from his new album WILDHEART. 
The love interest in the video is very attractive. The video gives me the same *side-eye* I had when I first heard, P*ssy Is Mine from Miguel’s second album, but if he likes it I love it.  Stunts and shows aside, one thing I will say about Miguel is, he consistently puts out good music. I have nothing shady to say about that. 
Take a look at the dry hunch fest below: 

Whut say you? 

Whut, say you?