Teen With Down Syndrome Brushes Off Bullying and Breaks Into Modeling 


When you’re talking about rising above negativity and letting your haters be your motivators you have got to add Gigi Cunningham to your list. Gigi is an aspiring model/entertainer, who already has number modeling jobs under her belt. Now you might as why is she so amazing? Gigi has Down syndrome, and she is using her platform to shed light on Down syndrome and put a end to bullying.

On October 10, Gigi will serve as one of three representatives in the Buddy Walk in Urbana, Illinois, which is a National Down Syndrome Society event. Later in the month Gigi will walk the runway in the 2015 Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show in Denver, Colorado, which is her biggest achievement yet.
Even with her recent success, Gigi was bullied by her peers at her school, we all know that children can be very cruel. After a long talk with her mother, Erica Butler, the two figured out how to turn a negative into positive. Her mom made it clear to Gigi that there are cruel and uncaring people in the world, but you can’t let these people tear you down. Gigi continues the push forward. Gigi watches DVDs from the Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center and frequently reads their anti-bullying literature for inspiration.
Gigi is a shining example of resilience in the face of diversity, she is not naive to that fact that she will face challenges trying to break into the entertainment.

“Many doors will close and many will open…Always approach your obstacle with a ‘I can’ attitude and with a smile on your face because you are worth it. My belief is that you can do all things through Christ and with prayer nothing is impossible. Never give up and if no one else believes in you I do. We are winning. I am determined to help change the face of beauty.”~Gigi in email to The Mighty

With this attitude this young lady will definitely go far, and she is well on her way to changing the face of beauty. I take my hat off to this young lady. She is the perfect role model for young girls. I will definitely be keeping up with her story, and can’t wait to see her walk a runaway at New York Fashion Week. To read the full article head over to The Mighty.

 Whut say you?

Whut, say you?