Kinfolk last week when we left the crew,  Don’s baby’s mother Ashley came in the shop and found him twerking on Charmaine, and completely spazzes out. To avoid further arguing Don opts to sleep at the shop. Ryan’s dad comes to the shop to get a tattoo completed that Ryan started 4 years prior. He’s spazzes on Charmaine who is the shop manager about gloves and checks her about her dealings with Don. His take home point to Char is the f*ckship ain’t good for business. I completely agree!
We find out Don’s baby mother got pregnant very early in their relationship and they have some serious issues. Bottom line is Ashley wants to get married and Don isn’t ready. He wants to be more established and stable let him tell it. He tries to make Nice with Ashley with a sip and paint date, which starts off well, but ends in disaster. Ashley is trying to force Don into marriage, with the false hope that this will stop is wandering eye. Sweet heart it ain’t gon work! While I do believe Don wants a family and all that in the future he is clearly not ready, because he still has wild oats to sow.
Ryan gets the devastating news that his baby’s mother is moving to Cali for a job, this is a hard pill to swallow because his children are his life. He visits his slain sister’s grave to talk to her. This scene was very touching. I am unsure of how this is going to affect Ryan, but it’s sure to cause drama this season.
In an effort to cheer Ryan the crew decides to throw Ryan a surprise birthday party. While getting ready for the party Charmaine reveals that she isn’t f*cking with Don anymore, but I still feel like she has feelings for him. Fast forward to the party, Ryan is surprised and touched by the show of love. After the party at the shop they head to the club, where tensions between Don and Charmaine comes to a head. Char is claims she didn’t know about Ashley(Don’s baby mother) and Don claims she knew, which I don’t doubt.  She has THOT tendencies. Phor tries to calm Don down before the situation gets out of hand. The last thing we need is for Don to get in trouble with the law. That’s where we leave the crew.
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Whut say you?


Whut, say you?