[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: 4Ever- Lil' Mo Featuring Fabolous

hqdefaultKinfolk y’all can act like Lil’ Mo and Fabolous didn’t hold y’all down for several summer. Lil’ Mo was the reigning hook singing queen and Fabolous is so underrated it just doesn’t make sense. Your song wasn’t shit if Lil’ Mo wasn’t on the hook. The Throwback Tuesday song is 4Ever by Lil Mo’ featuring Fabolous.
This song comes form Mo’s second album, Meet The Girl Next Door, released in 2003. When Mo’s opens the song with her soulful vocals and the beat drops you already know what’s about down. I think I burned a groove in this CD from playing this song on repeat.
Check out the video below:

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?