Whut To Read!?!: Epiphany, Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned-Andre'a T. Robinson

Kinfolk I am always HERE good book and when I learned a friend of mine was writing a book I was ecstatic to say the least! I love to see people pursuing their dreams. The book is titled Epiphany, Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned by Andre’a T. Robinson. Here is some background on Ms. Robinson: 

Andre’a T. Robinson, 34 years old; was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She has always dreamed of writing her own novels and spent many years thinking about it before actually taking the plunge. Life got in the way and writing and her passion was put on hold. Andre’a truly believes that God pushed the pause button because he wanted her to gain more experience to enable her to write her first self-published book, “Epiphany.”After surviving a domestic violence relationship, Andre’a wrote this book to inspire and encourage others in similar situations.

A little about the book:

C.J. was from the streets and had never thought about falling in love with anyone until he met Skylar at the YMCA. Skylar caught his eye because she was well rounded, beautiful, and quiet natured. She was different.
Although they shared a mutual attraction, there was so much more to their friendship that defined who they really were. Skylar and C.J. were inseparable from day one. The friendship was boundless and everlasting as they supported each other through thick and thin, lived like two peas in a pod, and weathered many storms together. C.J. complimented Skylar everyday on how gorgeous she was. “Skylar, you are beautiful and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.”
After suffering a horrible breakup with her high school sweetheart, Skylar had to make a life changing decision that left her drowning in a sea of anguish. This would be the start of her struggle with low self-esteem. Go with Skylar on this Journey through her life dealing with being in a domestic violence relationship with someone she trusted to never hurt her, and the spiritual lesson she received after living in a hell for 13 years.

Sounds like a page turner, doesn’t it? I’ll definitely be reading it! Self publishing a book is no easy task, I take my hat off to Ms. Robinson. The book is scheduled for release on January 16, 2016. Until then you can look for updates from Ms. Robinson in the following places:
Facebook Page
Whut say you?

Whut, say you?