[Review]But You Caint Use My Phone-Erykah Badu


The genius that is Erykah Badu shines through on her most recent mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone. The title of the mixtape is a reference to her 1997 classic “Tyrone”Each of the tracks is about telephones in some form or fashion and more importantly how society has become completely reliant upon our phones to stay connected to each other. I *raises hand* am addicted to my iPhone. The collection includes previously released “Phone Down” and ” Cel U Lar Device,” which is Badu’s take on Drake’s “Hotline Bling” I love both of those tracks, look at Aubrey out here inspiring whole albums and shit!
“Mr Telephone Man”, samples The New Edition classic of the same name with a little bit of Erykah stank on it, you can ride out this. “U Don’t Have To Call”, samples the Usher classic of the same name, but she flips it and even changes the hook to:

“You don’t have call, it’s ok squirrel…,”

She masterfully re-imagines a classic song and makes it her own. Erykah’s Texas roots are apparent on the “What’s Your Number/Telephone-Medley/Ghost of Screw Mix” The “Screw” mentioned in title is the legendary DJ Screw, who created the are chopping and screwing a record, may he rest in peace. Badu even manages to gives us a little a knowledge about how our “cel u lar” devices are affecting the bee population.
You can also tell Erykah was heavily influenced by  the music of the 80’s namely Midnight Star’s “Freakazoid” The stand out track from the collection is “Hello”,which features a rare performance from the normally reclusive Andre 3000. But it couldn’t have been that hard for Erykah to get him to hop on the track, because he is the father of her first born son. Erykah and Andre shine over the Isley Brother’s song of the same title. Andre verse is masterfully executed and I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. They make a good team musically, and I wouldn’t mind hearing more from these two together!
“You Caint Use My Phone” is musically awesome. Erykah’s creativity is unmatched. Her wit and quirkiness meld together so well. I am always HERE for anything that Queen Badu releases because you can always count on it being quality. This mixtape is most definitely worth a listen and you would be a fool not to pick this one up!
Final Rating:5/5
Whut say you?

Whut, say you?