[New Music/Video]I Can Tell You(Night & Day 2.0)-Quincy Featuring Al B. Sure!

Kinfolk! Why didn’t anyone tell me that Auntie Iyanla had fixed Quincy and Al B. Sure!’s life!?! So apparently someone had the bright idea of re-doing songs from the late 80’s. But I can’t say I am mad at this. If you didn’t already know, Quincy is the son of Al B. Sure! and Kim Porter. The father and son didn’t have the best relationship, and Quincy even penned an infamous letter to his pops that went viral. Well apparently Auntie Iyanla swooped in and helped them “Do the work”(I kid) and now we have a reboot of an R&B classic.
It’s a cute update of remake, and it’s good to see Quincy and his dad on better terms. I guess the world and universe are ready. Check out the video below:

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?