New Music: Missy Elliott Feat Eve, Lil Kim, & Trina-I'm Better(Remix)

Kinfolk! The Icon Missy Elliott is back with the remix to her song “I’m Better” and I want to call it Not Tonight(Ladies Night) 2.0 because Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina hopped on the track. I am always HERE for anything Missy Elliott, and this time is no different! Missy plays the back on this one while the other women take center stage. Eve delivers a solid verse and almost makes me miss her in hip hop, then I remember she put out Lip Lock, and I come back to my senses.  Lil Kim’s verse is disappointing. I honestly want Kimberly to win, but all these lackluster verses as of late wear me thin. Some find Kim’s  early 2000’s ghost writers they’re needed IMMEDIATELY!  Trina’s verse is decent, she gives us vintage Trina. As a whole I enjoyed the song and I really need to Missy to go ahead and drop this album!
It’s good to see unity amongst female MC’s. I really wish Foxy Brown and Lil Kim could squash their beef so all the ladies of hip hop could unite for an epic tour. If anyone could pull this off it would be Missy.
Check out it out below:

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?