André 3000 Dropped 2 Songs In Honor of Mother’s Day

André 3000 dropped 2 songs off in honor of Mother’s Day. This is news because Three Stacks is very reclusive and rarely drops music so this is a treat for rap and OutKast fans alike.

The first song is titled “Me&My(To Bury Your Parents)” is piano heavy and he speaks of his childhood,

“Me and my mother drivin’ to the grocery store, me ridin’ shotgun with my window rolled down,” he sings. “Me and my father driving to the football game / Me ridin’ shotgun my window rolled down / He sipped cognac and kept us alllaughin’ / I was much happier when he was around.”

Check out our below:

The second track, “Look Ma No Hands” is a clarinet and piano instrumental. Dre played the bass clarinet while James Blake handled the piano.

The song is seventeen minutes long. What makes both tracks so touching is the story behind them. 3000’s mom died on his birthday and then a year later his father died. Burying anyone is a painful experience, but to bury both of the parents.


Whut, say you?

Whut, say you?