Things We Learned From Basketball Wives Season 7: Episode 2

Kinfolks! Season 7 of VH1’s Basketball Wives is in full swing and there is no shortage of drama. Episode 2 gave us many important lessons and I am here to break it all down.

First let me say that I am happy that they finally dropped the dead weight from the cast and went with the original cast members of the Miami installment: Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, and Jennifer. The verdict is still out on the rookies that were added to the cast, but let’s get to what you came here for:

Evelyn and Jennifer Are Thick As Thieves

It’s no secret that Evelyn and Jennifer did not talk for 5 years, but it seems that all is forgiven, and they picked up right where they left off. Jennifer seems to have forgotten that she confided in Tami during the years that she was on the outs with Evelyn. It will be interesting to see how this plays out this season. What will be revealed?

Evelyn’s Egg Are In Limbo

Evelyn’s relationship with former baseball player Carl Crawford has ended after rumors of cheating, but she has 9 frozen embryos from the IVF treatments that were highlighted last season. She has to decide what to do with these embryos.  This is a very hard decision as she went through three cycles of painful and time-consuming IVF treatments. Evelyn is a woman of certain age and her biological clock has just about run out.

Evelyn and Jennifer Are Messy As Hell

During a lunch date with a rookie cast member, Kristen, Evelyn chimes in with some alleged tea she heard about Kristen’s father-in-law’s girlfriend(CeCe). To make a long story Ev and Jenn imply that CeCe is running a massage parlor that offers “Happy Ending” Kristen isn’t amused by this tea and of course, takes the information back to CeCe.

Jennifer Only Talks Shit When She Has Back-Up

Malaysia schedules a lunch with CeCe, Tami, Jackie, and Jennifer to discuss the “Happy Endings” rumor. During the lunch, Tami essentially checks Jennifer for divulging the details of a private conversation they had via FaceTime. She is then ambushed about by Malaysia and Co regarding the “Happy Endings” rumor, but she doesn’t have Ev to back her up. She, of course, backpedals and does that nonchalant thing that she does. Nothing is really resolved in the conversation. Tami parting words to Jennifer are words to live by “Don’t be the bone carrier.” We don’t want Jennifer to end up jobless like Sheree over on Real Housewives.

Whut, say you?





Whut, say you?