Drake Claps Back At Push-T’s ‘Infrared’ with ‘Duppy Freestyle’

Kinfolks! Drake has clapped back at Pusha-T!

This was supposed to be Pusha-T’s best weekend ever after dropping, ‘Daytona,’ what many are calling a classic album. On the album Pusha decided he wanted to reignite a 3-year-old beef/discussion of whether or not Drake writes his own songs. On ‘Infrared’ he directly takes shots at Drake and even brings up Drake’s alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller

Not one to be outdone, Drake, dropped ‘Duppy Freestyle,’ very shortly after the album dropped. The shade of it all is ‘Duppy,’ means ghost in Jamaican Patois so from the gate Drake is already addressing the elephant in the room. When he starts off with “I’m in shock…the nerve…audacity” and then sighs like a disappointed parent, it’s clear Drake is annoyed.

It’s a good effort on both parts. It will be interesting to see if Pusha will reply.

Whut, say you?

Whut, say you?