Words From M|E (Missy Elliott)

Missy Elliott has to be one of the most positive and inspirational people on Instagram. She’s right up there with Ms. Tina(Beyoncé’s and Solange’s mom) and Will Smith on my Instagram STANing list. I live for all of their posts.

Missy not only gives us “Behind The Music” posts about all the songs she has worked on, but she also gives us words of inspiration. Whenever she post on I’m going to pass it along to my Kinfolks because sharing is caring!

Boys and girls today’s lesson/gem is, ”Be yourself!”

That’s a word right there! No one can be a better you than you! Stop doing sh*t to impress people that who don’t have bills to pay!

Whut, say you?

Photo credit: Instagram @missymisdemeanorelliott

Whut, say you?