5 Singers That Should Perform Aretha Franklin’s Tribute

The ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on Thursday, August 16, 2018. Words like legend, icon, trendsetter, and diva all come to mind when you mention Aretha’s name. Her voice is one of kind. There is no one like Aretha and it’s really no point in trying to compare other singers to her, just don’t do it! Now that our queen has gone on to glory now comes the daunting task of a producing fitting tribute for a phenomenal singer.

Hear me and hear me good! BET, MTV, The Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, and other entity that endeavors to put together a tribute for Aretha Franklin, don’t F*CK THIS UP! I am here to help you all not f*ck this up with my list of “5 Singers That Should Perform Aretha Franklin’s Tribute. Read this list carefully and take notes.


If Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor is not present and accounted for this tribute, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT even do a tribute! Fantasia is one of the only people that can embody the spirit of Aretha. If you need evidence of what I am saying, check her out below performing a tribute to Aretha before she died.

If the singer doesn’t have this type of energy and command of the stage like this, I don’t want to see them on stage performing a tribute to Aretha, PERIOD!

2. The Clark Sisters

It’s common knowledge that Aretha Franklin comes from the church she is Detroit royalty. What would a tribute to her be without including Detroit’s own legendary Clark Sisters? If Karen, Dorinda, Twinkie, Jacky, and Denise (if we’re really going back)aren’t present, I don’t want to hear or see it!

3. Jennifer Hudson

While Jennifer Hudson sometimes comes out on stage and berates my eardrums and I sometimes feel like she is hollering at me, a tribute for Aretha would not be complete without JHud. You can say what you want about her, but you can never say that she doesn’t sing. Jennifer is another vocalist that embodies the spirit of Aretha. It’s been reported that Aretha was adamant that Jennifer Hudson portrays her on film.

4. Kelly Price

I hope and pray that Kelly Price isn’t “BOOKED” because she just has to be there! Kelly also comes from the church and she is sometimes overlooked when it comes to tributes, but we need Kelly to get up on that stage and do what only she can do. She is a vocal powerhouse.

5. Ledisi 

Sister Ledisi is another vocal powerhouse that could really deliver a good performance and should be included in the tribute.

This is the short list of singers that should be included in a tribute to the late great Aretha Franklin, but please don’t let that suggest that other singers aren’t qualified to perform a tribute because there are several others I could name. But I will tell y’all this, I DO NOT want Alica Augello Cook(Alicia Keys) anywhere near the stage unless she in charge of piano arrangements especially after that sh*t she pulled at Whitney Houston’s funeral! I’m good on her singing luv, and I won’t enjoy!

We are losing legends faster than we can replace them.

Rest well Aretha Franklin you left a lasting impression on us all and we will miss you dearly. Tell Luther, Michael, Whitney, and Prince we said hey!

Kinfolks who would you put in your list of 5 performers to tribute ‘The Queen of Soul’?




Whut, say you?