5 Things We Learned From The BET Hip Hop Awards 2018

The BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 has come and gone and of course, you know I am here to bring you “5 Things We Learned From The Bet Awards”

1. Deray Davis Has a Lacefront

I don’t care what y’all say he has a lace-front and is in desperate need of a better hair supplier. All in all, Deray did a decent job hosting the show, but a younger host like DC Young Fly probably would have been better for this demographic. His opening was a good take on Kanye’s song.

2. Cardi B is a Superstar

Cardi B’s stage performance gets better each time. Her team is on it! They picked a great song for this award show, “Get up 10,” was a fitting choice for this crowd. The ode to her stripper past was genius. The reason Cardi B is able to thrive is simply that she is herself at all times and makes no apologies for it.

3. Clifford “T.I” Harris Has Outgrown The BET Hip Hop Awards 

I love TIP Lord knows I do, but he really must stop performing at this show, it’s one thing to sit in the audience, but to get up and perform at this freshman talent show as a bonafide hip-hop legend it’s just unnecessary. TIP just sit back and watch the youngin that you help birth.

4. BET is Giving People Their Flowers While They Are Alive

BET awarded Lil Wayne the “I Am Hip-Hop Award” and it was well deserved. I give Wayne shit from time to time, but Wayne is a hip-hop legend and has paved the way for many of your new favs. While I wasn’t floored by the Carter 5, I won’t deny Wayne’s impact on the culture. Give people their flowers while they are alive! I still say Carter III was Wayne’s Thriller.

5. Anyone Can Rap in “The Cyphers” Now

As the years go on, “The Cyphers,” get worst and worst. I did enjoy Casanova, Sharaya J, Taylor Bennett, and Erykah Badu, but overall I wasn’t really wowed. That could be because this new generation of hip-hop artists are not for me or it could be that they really don’t have much talent or stage presence, but hey these are opinions and everyone has one!

Best Performance of the Night: Cardi B and Lil Duval 


Whut, say you

Whut, say you?