Wellness Wednesday: 5 Little Habits To Help Relieve Stress

Kinfolks! It’s Wellness Wednesday and I recently ran across an article that listed 15 little habits to help relieve stress. I selected my five favorites of the 15.

1. Practice Gratitude

Saying thank you and remembering what’s important to you is very important. I have gratitude jar on my nightstand. Most mornings I wake up I write something I am grateful for on a post-it and fold it up and place it in the jar. I’ve been doing to this for most of 2018 and will read them on New Year’s Eve.

2. Deep Breathing

Sometimes the stresses of life or the day will have us overwhelmed. Sometimes stopping to take 5 deep breaths(repeat 5 times) can make all the difference. This actually works it helps you refocus, clears your mind, and can yourself try it!

3. Take Your Ass To Bed Earlier

This is a struggle for me, but sleep is very important to your overall health. Going to sleep earlier can be beneficial. I use my FitBit Ionic to monitor not sleeping habits. It’s very interesting to see how many times I was restless, how long I was in Rapid Eye Movement(REM) sleep, how long I was in light sleep, and how long I was in deep sleep. You all should take a look at your sleep patterns it’s eye-opening. Many of the smartwatches can monitor this try it! In the meantime in between time take your ass to be earlier!

4. Sips Some Tea

I am a tea snob and I cannot live without my Beville Tea Maker, it’s kind of pricey on the front end but it well worth it. I drink many different varieties of tea, but green tea in the morning gives you a boost of energy and metabolism. Try it!

5. Take Time To Live In The Moment

We work really hard to accomplish our goals, but do we really take time to stop and really appreciate our hard work. Take a moment daily to really stop and appreciate your accomplishments. Also, put down your phone and live in the moment, oftentimes we miss so much by having our heads buried in our phones. Erykah Badu said she can make your put your phone down, but your friends and family should be enough for you to put the damn down!

Check out the full article HERE

Whut, say you?

Whut, say you?