Started on June 19, 2013, “Wait…Wait…Whut!?!” is an entertainment blog that will be “The Voice of Reason” out here in these entertainment streets. It will help its readers to make sense of all the foolishness that makes us all say “Wait…wait…whut!?!”

This site will bring its readers commentary mixed with a good dose of light-hearted humor.  Music, movies, books, reality shows, tv shows, awards shows, wellness, and all things entertainment will all be touched on. Remember Kinfolks, these are just jokes! We don’t take ourselves too seriously around these parts, and you shouldn’t either. Have a sense of humor and use this site as an escape from Trump’s America.

At “Wait…Wait…Whut!?!” remember that “Blank stares and side eyes are always free.”

Enjoy Kinfolks!

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Whut, say you?