Beanie Sigel Rips Meek Mill Apart On Tax Season Podcast

Philadelphia veteran Beanie Sigel has become the focus of the beef between Meek Mill and The Game after he alleged  that he helped Meek Mill write his diss track(Meek accussed Drake of having a ghostwriter previously) and was subsequently knocked out by Teefy Bey, a member of Meek’s Dreamchasers’s crew.

DJ Self was originally supposed to be the guest on Taxstone’s Taxseason Podcast, but Beanie Sigel showed up to tell his side of the story and give y’all #facts. The Broadstreet Bully was definitely in the building!


  • Beans thinks the Drake and Meek beef stems from Drake possibly having slept with Nicki Minaj
  • The Game and Beanie Sigel don’t have any real problems with each other
  • Beans offered Meek Mill some words advice on how to navigate the music industry and he didn’t take the constructive cristicism too well causing him to flip
  • Beans isn’t embarrassed about being suckered punched, he is moreso hurt
  • Beans feels Meek Mill actions have hurt his reputation in Philly
  • Beanie Sigel will be dropping new music

Check out the full interview HERE

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Solange Announces New Album ‘A Seat At The Table’ and Tracklisting 

Kinfolk I need ‘A Seat At This Table’ NOW!

Sol-Angel AKA Solange Knowles has been hinting at new music via her website/instagram for a while now, and today we got our wish! The new album is titled ‘A Seat At The Table’ and I am f*cking estatic! This is Solange’s third full length album, the follow-up to Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams, which is still in heavy rotation. This album slaps follow her  ‘True’ EP  which was released independently.

The new album has 21 tracks(y’all know how I feel about albums with that many tracks) but since she is Knowles we’ll give her a pass. There are features from Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, The Dream,and Tweet just to name a few! Between Solange and this guest list I don’t know if I will be able to contain myself until Friday! The album drops this Friday, I already slid my card for it! Will you be sliding yours?

Check out the tracklisting below:

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[Review]Hard II Love-Usher 

Kinfolk Urrrrrrrrsher Raymond dropped his new album Hard II Love. While Usher may be Hard II Love, this album is Hard To Listen II! The first single, No Limit, should have been my first indication that we were headed for trouble! Was the single catchy? Yes. Was it up-to-par for Usher? Nope! Then there was the talk of a remix with Master P, as if Young Thug was not enough of an assault to our ears and sensibilities. All of this to together let me know this album was doomed.

The album has 15 songs and guest appearances from Young Thug and Future. I honestly don’t know what exactly is going on in Usher’s camp, but this is not the move. This album sounds like Usher doing a bad impression of Chris Brown/Bryson Tiller/Trey Songz. At this point in his career Usher should be far more evolved than the subject matter of this album. I hear no growth artistically or vocally. 

Where Usher used to set trends he is now following trends. He is trying to fit into what’s playing on the radio instead of taking his well deserved artistic freedom and doing what he wants to do musically, because this cannot be authentic to him. I could be wrong this very well could be his truth, but his truth is uninspired.

It was a difficult task to pick songs that I liked off the album, but of the 15 songs I liked Need U, which gives me a Michael Jackson(Butterflies) feel. Bump, which is a slow tempo featuring a sample of Uncle Luke(Don’t Stop Get It Get It) and Lil John’s voice. It’s a decent song.  Let Me, is a slow tempo and features a sample of Let Me Love You Down by Ready For The World, while the lyrics of the song were simplistic, I enjoyed the musical production. Tell Me is Usher’s effort to recreate the magic of Do It To Me from Confessions. It’s close but no cigar, but I still like song. 

Hard II Love is a fail for me. Mr. Raymond still hasn’t  reached his full potential musically, or maybe he has. This album did absolutely nothing for me. Usher needs to get back to basics, tear this shit down to the studs and rebuild with a new team that seeks to set trends. How does an artist like Usher go from setting trends for these young male singers to sounding like that old uncle trying fit in with his young nephews. I am saddened by his non-progression and this need to do what’s popular. I’m sure die hard Usher fans will go up for this album, but I CAN’T. As with everything form your own opinion, but it’s a ‘No’ for me.

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Whut To Read!?!: Queen Sugar[Review]


Kinfolk! I am back again with another book!

So I am watching Mama O’s (Oprah) Own Network, and I see a commercial for a new series produced by Ava DuVernay and Oprah titled ‘Queen Sugar’. At the time I didn’t know the series was based on a novel, but of course I set my DVR to record it, because with the Ava and Oprah at the helm you can’t go wrong! When I discovered that series was based upon a book written by Natalie Baszile I figured why not read the book. I could compare and contrast the series with the book to see what they changed or left the same.

Queen Sugar tells the story of Charley Bordelon, whose deceased father has left her eight hundred sprawling acres of sugarcane land in rural Louisiana. Keep in mind Charley  is a city girl and doesn’t know the first thing about rural living or farming sugarcane for that matter. Charley she sees this as a chance to make a fresh start. She uproots her  eleven-year-old daughter Micah and heads to Louisiana to try to figure it all out. This move was easier said than done when she arrives she must balance the challenges of farming sugarcane, a homesick daughter, a troubled brother(Ralph Angel), and her own personal internal struggles.

Natalie Baszile beautifully weaves a story of the challenges and joys of contemporary southern life. Her storytelling transports readers to a rural Louisiana and tells a story of faith and perseverance. Kinfolk I most definitely recommend that you read this book. I am having the best time comparing and contrasting the novel with the series that is currently airing on the Own Network(check your local listing).


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Whut To Read!?!:Epiphany Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned[Review]

Kinfolk one of my New Years resolutions was to read to more. I must say that I have held true to that resolution. One of the first books I read this year was Andre’a T. Robinson’s debut novel, ‘Epiphany Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned’.

The book tells the story of Skylar, a beautiful and quiet natured girl who falls in love with CJ, a guy she thought was her one true love. Her fairytale life soon turns into a nightmare and Skylar must endure years of domestic abuse(verbal and physical). This books takes readers on the inside of the mind of a domestic abuse survivor. It takes us to places many authors wouldn’t dare to go. The book has many twists and turns, and ultimately leaves readers wanting more.

‘Epiphany Forgive Me Lord For I Have Sinned’most is definitely worth reading. This book is stellar debut from an author who destined for literary greatness. I can’t wait to see what happens to our heroine Skylar in the next novel. I’m sure Andre’a T. Robinson is conjuring up another great story, but until then kinfolk you should read this one!

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Five Things We Learned From ‘Jim & Chrissy:Vow Or Never’ Episode 1

Kinfolk! The reality tv gods have smiled down upon us! Jim Jones & Chrissy Lampkin have triumphantly returned to reality television! After falling out with Mona Scott-Young and leaving that dead-body ass show Love & Hip Hop New York(let’s face it they made the show)they are back with a new show on WeTv titled ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never’. Episode 1 premiered last night and did not disappoint. Let’s cover five things that we learned from episode 1:

1. Jimmy and Chrissy Are Something Like Common Law Married 

Jimmy and Chrissy have been together 11 years and have had multiple engagements, but still are not married. At this point they are something like common law married. Jim is not going anywhere and Chrissy isn’t going anywhere! They are together for life and they make such a good couple. You can tell Jimmy really loves Chrissy with no limit, marriage at this point would be a technicality. But I am HERE for these two! Glad they are back in reality tv, I missed them!

2. Freeky Zeeky Is Reality TV Gold

Ezekiel Giles AKA Freeky Zeeky is Jimmy’s childhood friend and fellow Dip Set member. He is reality TV gold, he is the Shekinah(T.I. & Tiny Family Hustle) of this show! He is a naturally funny and is sure to keep us entertained! He is also sure to get Jimmy involved in all type of fuckery this season. I smell a spinoff coming and I am HERE for it! 

3. When In Miami The Strip Club Is The Studio 

Miami is where Jim & Chris met so it’s only natural they go there to decompress and escape NY’s weather. After dinner with friends Jim says he’s going to the “studio” to check out the vibe but of course a trip to Miami wouldn’t be trip to Miama without going to the strip club. Freeky “drags” Jim to the strip club kicking and screaming or not? No biggy, but he neglects to inform Chrissy. Of course one of Chrissy’s friends spots Jim and informs her the next day. Trouble ensues.

4. We Ain’t Gettin No Younger So We Might As Well Do It! Let’s Get Married! *Jagged Edge Voice*

So after the strip club debacle Jim has a conversation with Freeky and indicates that he is finally ready to make it official with Chrissy. Freeky of course wants to make sure Jim is positive he is ready to get married and also wants to know has he told Mama Jones. Of course he hasn’t ran this pass Mama Jones! Jim swears Freeky to secrecy(we’ll see how long that lasts). Jim then plans a romantic dinner with the help of Freeky. At the dinner with Chrissy he proposes they finally get married on TV in front of the world. Chrissy isn’t really compelled to get married as she isn’t convinced  Jim is really ready, and he hasn’t spoken to Mama Jones. The romantic dinner was a nice gesture, but a bust.

5. Mama Jones Knows All!

Freeky asked if Jim told Mama Jones knew about his intentions during their conversation. Chrissy asks Jim the same question at dinner. So…It’s safe to say Mama Jones reaction to this news isn’t going to be desirable, but good reality tv to boot! Mama Jones pops up in Miami, because what would this show be without my favorite hip hop Mama? Of course Freeky has told Mama Jones about Jim’s intentions to marry Chrissy and she is none to happy being the last to know! During the back and forth between Jim and Mama Jones, Chrissy says yes she wants to go ahead and get married. JACKPOT!  

Welp! There you have it Kinfolk! Check back next week for 5 more things we can learn from ‘Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never’

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5 Observations From The MTV Video Music Awards 

Kinfolk I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but you’ll deal! MTV’s Video Music Awards show has come and gone so I’m here to give you my top 5 Observations(I have more but won’t keep you too long) from the VMA’s

1. This Was The Blackest VMA’s I Have Seen

I guess MTV decided they wanted to take a page out of BET’s book and prove that #BlackLivesDoMatter. This had to the most black faces I have seen at VMA’s in years. From the red carpet corespondents to the host to the performers. Let’s talk about the hosts for one second. Key & Peele are funny on their show on Comedy Central show, or not! But I could have gone my whole life without them as hosts. Their jokes were corny, tired, and lame. They looked completely out of place DO BETTER MTV!

2. Rihanna VS MTV’s Shady Grove

Rihanna was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at this year’s ceremony. Based upon videos ALONE she is worthy of this honor, but anything else(vocals, choreography, stage presence) and you’re pushing it. So if you’ve watched the VMA’s before then you know the honoree is given the task of performing some of the songs that made them an honoree. For some reason MTV divided this up into three segment that were scattered throughout the show(I’m guessing this was done so RiRi could catch her breath and save her vocals) At any rate RiRi came out for her first segements and did the best she could. She and that microphone aren’t kin, and that was clear by the fact that she kept moving the mic when she was supposed to be singing . The three segment in theory was a good idea until Queen Beyoncé came out and performed the ‘Formation World Tour’ smack dab in the middle of show! MTV y’all petty as f*ck for doing RiRi like that! Y’all know good and hell well she nor anybody(Britney Spears) could follow her. Needless to say Rihanna tried to give y’all her good vocals and “a run” that she had been rationing out  in each segment and it was again the best she could do. I said it once and I’ll say it again MTV is PETTY and AIN’T SHIT for doing her like that! 

3. Teyana Taylor’s Body Is TOGETHER!

So…MTV gave Kanye West-Kardashian 4 minutes to do whatever he wanted to do on stage *side-eye* Now this could have gone very good or very bad. Black people and Taylor Swift(who was noticeably absent from this year’s awards) were sitting on the edge of their seats bracing for what Mr. Kardashian was going to say. Lucky for us he rambled a bit and premiered his new video ‘Fade’ starring Teyana Taylor. In the past I used to give Teyana shit because I didn’t know what she was famous for, but her debut album silenced me because it was amazing! Teyana showed up on the screen in all her GLAWRY! HER BODY IS TOGETHER! DO YOU HEAR ME! TO-GETHER! It also looks natural too! Teyana gave us Let’s Get Physical-Bo-Flex-Thigh Master-Body By Jake-Hip Hop Abs Realness! LA Fitness you have Teyana to thank for the spike in membership! Women and men far and wide ran to the gym on Monday morning to sign up! Hopefully Teyana has music to drop with all the hoopla surrounding this video. 

4. What Happened To Dat Girl(Britney Spears)!?!

MTV pegged Britney Spears performance as her return to glory on the VMA stage. THAT WAS A LIE! No glory to be found here and life ain’t been no crystal stair for Britney Jean either. She came out did half ass choreography and her best impression of a mime. I love Britney, Lord knows I do, but she is LAZY! I guess that’s okay because she has solidified her spot in music history. But I would rather her not perform at all if it’s going to be lazy! Honestly speaking there was really nothing she could have done to save her performance after ‘The Formation Tour’ came through. Britney Jean Do BETTER or retire!

5. That One Time ‘The Formation Tour’ Came to MTV 

So…As I stated previously MTV erected a shady grove over Rihanna’s MJ Video Vanguard Award Honor when they asked Queen Beyoncé to perform, but hey sucks for her! I am ALWAYS HERE for a Beyoncé performance as I am diamond lifetime financial member of the BeyHive(judge me I give no f*cks). Bey always manages to up the ante where her performances are concerned and this night was no different. The opening montage honoring black men slain by the at the hands of  crooked cops was absolutely breathtaking! F*ck You Rudy Guiliani! Beyoncé has 1 job, and that is TO SLAY! She did exactly that, running through an abridged version of ‘The Formation Tour’ with sprinkles of new choreography and new wardrobe. At any rate I was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY WOWED! I’ll be sliding my coins to The Queen for a third go round on Septemeber 26th at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA. I don’t give one single solitary f*ck  about all the Beyoncé haters and naysayers with all your “Didn’t you see it already?,” “That’s too much money!,” “She does the same show every concert!” All of y’all can join hands and kiss my ass because I’m going and she will always get my coins! She will always be BETTER than your fav! Because your fav’s could never! 

Welp there you have it kinfolks! Whut say you?

Throwback Tuesday: Sitting Home-Total[VIDEO]

Kinfolk! The Throwback Tuesday song is Sitting Home by Total. The song comes from their second album ‘Kima, Kiesha& Pam’ released in 1998. This was one my favorite songs from that album although the album had many other gems that went overlooked due to the lack of promotion.

I am looking forward to seeing my favorite Bad Girls together on stage Sept 8 at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. Until then I’ll watch the video.

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Say Whut Nah!?!:Broadway Dancer Marcus Bellamy Beats Boyfriend To Death And Confesses It On Facebook: ‘I Did It For Love’

Kinfolk! What The Entire Hell!?!

So I’m scrolling my timeline this morning upon waking up and I see a  disturbing story on the NY Daily News about Broadway dancer Marcus Bellamy. Now I used to follow Marcus’s YouTube channel(Walking Waters) a long time ago, but haven’t in many years. 

Apparently he beat and strangled his boyfriend and then posted the following status on Facebook:

via NY Daily News:

“Forgive me,” the 32-year-old wrote Friday after beating and strangling his partner, Bernardo Almonte, to death. “I did it for love. I did it because I love you. He told me love and hate are the same emotion.”

Bellamy is now facing murder and manslaughter charges for killing the 27-year-old freelance IT technician.
“I am God,” he wrote on his Facebook page, which is rife with Scripture verses, as well as pictures of himself shirtless and striking different dance moves. “I give life and can take it away.”
A law enforcement source said Bellamy strangled his lover as they brawled inside the W. 174th St. home in Morris Heights. Police said Almonte was found in the fifth-floor apartment face down, bleeding from a blow to the head.
Bellamy bit both of Almonte’s shoulders during the fatal fight, cops said, though it was not disclosed what they were arguing over.
Then — apparently after posting his confession — he left the apartment and divulged to a neighbor he had just killed his roommate. The neighbor called police, who arrested Bellamy at the scene.

Even before cops arrived, the alleged killer, standing on the sidewalk, raised his hands in the air and stared at the sky, a witness said.

“The way he was standing outside, he looked like he was praying,” said Lisa Turner, 51.
Bellamy identified Almonte as his partner, but refused to say anything more, police sources said.
He was taken to Lincoln Hospital Saturday evening after complaining of chest pains, a source said. His arraignment was pending.
Police said that Bellamy has been arrested four times stretching back to 2007, but not for anything violent.

This is so sad and shocking, prayers up for the families.

Frank Ocean Releases New Album ‘blonde’

Kinfolk! Frank Ocean is back with more stunts and shows! After Thursday night’s antics and the release of “Endless” I knew he had more up his sleeve. Frank has released what is actually his new album titled ‘blonde’

The album has 17 tracks and I am currently listening so I’ll get back to y’all with a review. Frank has his stans going bat shit crazy with these antics, but I am HERE for his new music! Especially after Channel Orange.

Listen HERE

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