Shaq Reveals Grotesque Foot Again! 

Kinfolk! Specifically my male kinfolk lean in close to the screen and read this carefully! TAKE CARE OF YOUR GOTDAMN FEET!

So…I am scrolling the internet and come across something that assualted my eye balls and made my cornea ache! What you ask! Shaq’s Grotesque AF foot! Now who on God’s earth asked him to take his hooves out on national TV is beyond me but I can’t unsee this! Like HOW SWAY!?! How does one let their feet get to this point? With all the money that Shaq has, you mean to tell me podiatrist wasn’t available!?! 

Fellas take this as a cautionary tale! Don’t let your feet look like this! A pedicure is relatively inexpensive, and if you can afford that a pumice stone and nail clippers are even cheaper! Shaq DO BETTER! 

Whut say you?


New Music: Missy Elliott Feat Eve, Lil Kim, & Trina-I’m Better(Remix)

Kinfolk! The Icon Missy Elliott is back with the remix to her song “I’m Better” and I want to call it Not Tonight(Ladies Night) 2.0 because Eve, Lil Kim, and Trina hopped on the track. I am always HERE for anything Missy Elliott, and this time is no different! Missy plays the back on this one while the other women take center stage. 

Eve delivers a solid verse and almost makes me miss her in hip hop, then I remember she put out Lip Lock, and I come back to my senses.  Lil Kim’s verse is disappointing. I honestly want Kimberly to win, but all these lackluster verses as of late wear me thin. Some find Kim’s  early 2000’s ghost writers they’re needed IMMEDIATELY!  Trina’s verse is decent, she gives us vintage Trina. As a whole I enjoyed the song and I really need to Missy to go ahead and drop this album!

It’s good to see unity amongst female MC’s. I really wish Foxy Brown and Lil Kim could squash their beef so all the ladies of hip hop could unite for an epic tour. If anyone could pull this off it would be Missy.

Check out it out below:

Whut say you?

Listen: New Music-Unravel Me-Sabrina Claudio


Kinfolk! Sabrina Claudio is back with a new song titled Unravel Me. Now I fell in love with Sabrina’s voice on Confidently Lost, but this new song takes it to the next level for me. Her voice is haunting, but at the same time it soothing. The reverberation thing that they do with her voice is f*cking amazing! This girl is going places, especially if she keep releasing music of this caliber. Take a listen below Continue reading

[LISTEN] Rising Artist TeaMarrr Releases Debut EP ‘Thank For The Chapstick’


Kinfolk! Y’all know I am always looking for new music to listen, so I was going through my blog roll and stumbled across a rising artist by the name of TeaMarrr on ThisIsRNB she released her debut EP titled ‘Thank For The Chapstick’ I am not familiar with this her, but I was taken in as soon as pressed play on her Soundcloud page and I instantly sprinted over to Apple Music to add her to my library. Continue reading

Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: Gettin’ Grown

Kinfolks! The Loud Speakers Network has done it again, with the Gettin’ Grown podcast! I am always searching for new and interesting things to listen whether it be books on Audible or new Podcasts on iTunes because I travel extensively for my job. So I need something to occupy me while I’m driving, when the radio isn’t enough.

Gettin Grown’ features Keia and Jade who are two happy and hard working (Blackity) Black women who are just trying to learn how to adult, for real. When adulting gets to be too much! Join them each week for “Kitchen TableTalk” and “Petty Peeves”

The podcast is refreshing and insightful so when you get a chance check it out HERE y’all know I wouldn’t steer y’all wrong. Also follow them onTwitter:@JadeofallJades,@Nothinbuttreble, @gettingrownpod

Whut say you?

15-Year-Old Founder & CEO of Mo’s Bows Signs Partnership Deal With NBA

Kinfolk! Many people are quick to say that this new generation of children are doomed, but 15-yr-old Moziah Bridges is proving that narrative to be false. He is the founder and CEO of MO’s Bows, a bow tie company. He started the company at 12 years old  with the help of an investment from the popular televison show, Shark Tank.

Fast forward 3 years and Bridges has signed a  seven figure licensing deal with The National Basketball Association(NBA) to produce bow ties with NBA logos on them. You read that right THE NBA! This isn’t the first time he has worked with the NBA, back in 2015 he served as a fashion correspondent for that year’s draft. He provided handmade ties to the drafts picks. His bow ties will be sold on the NBA’s website and also in retail outlets. This is huge!

Bridges says,

“My goal has always been to make Mo’s Bows a household name for kid entrepreneurship and men’s accessories,”

He also says,

“Partnerships like this one will help me reach my goals of having a full clothing line by the time I graduate from college. It feels really good to know a major company like the NBA believes in me and my vision to shake up the world through fashion.”

His websites states that he plans to attend college in New York City to persue a degree in fashion design, and have his own clothing line by age 20. These are amazing goals and aspiration for an outstanding young man. 

Check out his website MO’s Bows and step up your wardrobe. Also check out his Instagram Page. This is definitely black excellence and this young man is flexin in his complexion! 

Whut say you?


Are We Here For The Men’s Romper Or Nah?

Kinfolk! So I’m scrolling my timeline on Instagram and Twitter as I normally do, so that I can keep my finger on the pulse of all the fuckery that is present in these streets with “45” in office. As I am scrolling I see “Black Twitter” going in on what I assume is the “new” but not really new men’s fashion trend, “the men’s romper” started by the RompHim Kickstarter.

@neumfoto rocked our latest print for its debut at the #kentuckyderby. The crowd loved it; we're pretty stoked about it too.

A post shared by Original RompHim™ (@originalromphim) on

Now I guess because “rompers” are traditionally considered to be female clothing item, this is automatically a problem for some small minded individuals(so-called straight men). I’ve heard and read comments like “Can women have something?” or “That’s gay as hell!” I honestly don’t see how a piece of clothing can make someone gay!?! Can some enlighten me please? This trend is not new, some of y’all Daddies were rocking romper long and short back in 70’s!

Surely, Jim Brown and Ike Turner weren’t gay or in some way less masculine because of their clothing choices. I honestly feel if people spent more time concerned about their own affairs and not the affairs of others the world would a better place! If a man wants to put on romper as a form of self -expression then so GOTDAMN be it! Is what someone else wearing affecting you or your bottom line? I highly doubt it. To each his or her own. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you! PERIOD! If Young Joc can rock a bang and swoop, then why can’t Young Dro wear a romper? That is his business! Be concerned about your own sh*t!

Whut say you?

Joe Budden Says L.A. Reid Is A Sexual Predator

Kinfolk! The self proclaimed “Chief Cultural Director For Complex”, Joe Budden has said that L.A. Reid is a sexual predator. This after reports that L.A. Reid departed Epic Records due sexual harrassment claims. Budden made this statement on his Complex show Everday Stuggle

Budden had this to say:

“I’m just going to say it L.A. Reid is a sexual predator…L.A Reid is sexual predator”

Check out the episode below, start at the 5:45 mark to catch Budden’s statements about L.A. Reid.

Whut say you


L.A Reid Accused Of Sexual Harrassment

Kinfolk! It seems that L.A. Reid’s departure from Epic Recoreds wasn’t wrapped up with cute bow like we were initially lead to believe. Uh oh…

VIA NY Post:

The 60-year old music industry veteran allegedly made inappropriate physical advances toward an assistant at last December’s company holiday party, among other instances, according to a March 22 letter a lawyer for the woman sent to Julie Swidler, Sony Music’s General Counsel, said a source who provided details from the letter.
The female assistant, whose name The Post is withholding, also claims Reid, who has led Epic for nearly six years, also asked her to lie down in bed with him and give him a hug while the two were at a hotel while traveling on business, the letter alleges.
Reid, who is married, also made comments about what clothes he liked her to wear and described her as looking “fine,” the letter claims.
Sony Music, in a one-sentence statement on Saturday — “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company” — confirmed the executive was on his way out. It did not elaborate.
When asked about the complaints made in the letter, Sony Music on Sunday had no comment.
Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer, who took over the top spot at the company last month, appears to have taken decisive action in the first major crisis to come along.
“We are not allowing a culture like that in this company,” one insider familiar with Reid’s ouster told The Post, “no matter how much a person brings to the bottom line.”
Reid’s recent successes include signing Meghan Trainor, Future, Fifth Harmony and DJ Khaled — who currently has the No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100, with “I’m the One.”
Reached Sunday night, Reid’s lawyer, Joel Katz, the head of Greenberg Traurig’s global entertainment and media practice, had no comment.
A second source, familiar with the thinking of Reid’s camp, said the March 22 letter is inaccurate.
Meanwhile, Reid, also known as Antonio Reid, has been telling friends since Thursday, when reports of his ouster started ricocheting around the music industry, that he is talking to Warner Music Group boss Len Blavatnik about a position running the company’s Warner Brothers label, sources said.

Whut say you?


Beyoncé Leads The BET Awards Nominations


Beyhive Rejoice! Beyoncé leads the 2017 BET Awards Nominations with seven. After the Grammys completely f*cked, let’s hope EBT(BET) gets it right! Her nominations include nods for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Collaboration (“Freedom” with Kendrick Lamar), Video of the Year (“Sorry”), and Album of the Year (LEMONADE). Continue reading