Will You Be Watching VH1’s Hip Hop Honors?


Kinfolk The VH1 Hip Hop Honors airs tonight  at 9 p.m. EST, will you all be watching? I know I will be front and center to provide you with commentary. The honorees on tonight show are Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, and Missy Elliott. I love all the honorees, but I have a few questions. Continue reading

New Music:Hostage-Maxwell 

Maxwell has dropped another song from his long overdue album SUMMERS’ that is scheduled to be released tomorrow. The song is titled “Hostage”on it Maxwell sings

“I am your hostage / A simple object / Use as you please / And I will remain ignorant and believe you,” 

Over a smooth and mellow beat.

 I am not HERE this song. I liked Lake By The Ocean. It could be because it’s been so long since the last project was released that I feel this way, but I haven’t written the project off completely. I’ll be listening tomorrow to see what Maxwell is talmabout on this new album.

On another note hats off to Maxwell for doing what Madonna could not do with his tribute to late music legend Prince on last Sunday’s BET Awards. Madge NEVER attempt Prince EVER!

Whut say you?

Diddy’s Son/Twin Christian ‘King’ Combs Drops Two New Songs 

Take that! Take that! Take that!

Kinfolk Diddy’s seed Christan ‘King’ Combs is following in his father’s footsteps and stepping into the music industry. If you didn’t know already Christian is signed to Bad Boy Records. He dropped two new song “Party” and “One For Me” 

 “Party,” is a summer-ready jam featuring his SNL and CYN crew members. He samples Queen Pen’s classic “Party Ain’t a Party,” which is guarantees people will be on the dance floor

“One For Me” samples the SWV Classic “You’re The One” which I am HERE for! The song is produced by Tank, and Young Combs reminds me of Bad Boy artist Loon. 

Christian is said to working on his debut album. He is definitely following a formula that worked for his Pops back in the early 90’s and that is sample old hits to make new hits. I am interested to see what this project will sound like and see if Young Combs actually has talent enough to step outside of his Dad’s shadow. That remains to be seen.

Whut say you?


Lauryn Hill Wants You To Know: “I Don’t Show Up Late To Shows Because I Don’t Care”

So…Kinfolk if you haven’t heard already Lauryn Hill reportedly showed up to her Atlanta show 3 hours late. BIG SUPRISE! This is her normal MO and precisely why I didn’t spend my hard earned coins to go see her. Apparently she wanted you to hear her side of the story so she posted the following essay on her Facebook page

I don’t show up late to shows because I don’t care. And I have nothing but Love and respect for my fans. The challenge is aligning my energy with the time, taking something that isn’t easily classified or contained, and trying to make it available for others. I don’t have an on/off switch. I am at my best when I am open, rested, sensitive and liberated to express myself as truthfully as possible. For every performance that I’ve arrived to late, there have been countless others where I’ve performed in excess of two hours, beyond what I am contracted to do, pouring everything out on the stage. 

Because I care so deeply about the artistic process, I scrutinize, have perfectionist tendencies, and want space made for spontaneity, which is not an easy process, with the many moving parts on the road. Some days we are more successful than others re time. However, the vitality that is infused into the performances is always appreciated by the audiences, who may not know exactly what it took to accomplish. What hasn’t been touched upon by the media, I’m sure, are the hundreds of people who rushed the stage and stayed in excess of an hour after the show ended last night, just to connect. 

Our challenge is to figure out the best way to accommodate the vitality, spontaneity, and spirit that make the performances worthwhile and special to begin with, while also making that experience available and accessible to others. If I didn’t Love and respect the art, I wouldn’t be doing this. The audience and I should have that in common. 

My true audience knows emphatically that I care. It isn’t possible to affect people in any deep and meaningful way without putting sacrificial time in.

I have nothing but Love and appreciation for the fans in Atlanta, and regret not being able to give you a full show. We are figuring out a plan to make it up to you, and will announce details as soon as we have them. 


*yawns and stretches* (notice there is no mention of refunds) Ms. Lauryn Hill(I want to put some respeck on your name, before I go in!) while I am keeping in mind that you’re an artist and your sensitive about your shit! The fact remains that concert tickets are not free and last I checked money does not grow on trees! I and countless others are sensitive about their coins! This whole excuse about going over at other shows is to the left of the GOTDAMN point! The fact remains you showed up late to your Atlanta show and countless other shows and gave your fans your ass to kiss. There is a simple to solution to all of this, like to hear it here it go: STOP TOURING! If you can’t show up on time! PERIOD POINT BLANK! The video below conveys my sentiment about your antics Ms. Lauryn

While I appreciated your essay, you really could have saved that bullshit. I am so glad I went with my first mind and didn’t purchase a ticket to your Atlanta show because I would be reciting the lyrics to Kash Doll’s song “BITCH RUN ME MY MONEY!” To you, LiveNation, and Ticketmaster! Sad to say I probably will never see Lauryn Hill live unless it’s free because I refuse to have my coins wasted! Ask yourself Ms. Lauryn Hill what would Beyoncé do? 

Whut say you?

[LISTEN]New Music-Lloyd 

Kinfolk Lloyd is back with new music! The song is titled Tru and it’s hopefully from a new album. The “Get It Shawty” crooner has been absent from the music scene, which he addresses in the song. Apparently new year, new me applies here.

One thing I will say about Lloyd is he always manages to bounce back. I look forward to hearing new music from him, I’ve always enjoyed his music. Let’s hope he can get back out here and heat it up!

Check it out below:

Whut say you?

[LISTEN] New Music: In Common-Alicia Keys

Kinfolk, kinfolk, kinfolk Alicia Keys is back with new music. The song is titled In Common and I am really not HERE for it! The song has a Caribbean feel to it. It reminds me of Take Care by Drake. I guess everyone is trying to do Caribbean inspired songs now.

I honestly don’t know where Alicia lost her way because here lately I have been unimpressed with her music. Can someone find first and second album Alicia Keys and bring her back because I have nothing In Common with this new Alicia Keys. I honestly think the power was in her corn rolls. Get those back STAT!

Whut say you? 

Prince Tribute Concert: Who Is On Your List? Who Could Possibly Never? 

Kinfolk I know everyone is still reeling from the shocking news of untimely death of Prince at age 57. I needed to do something to brighten my day and keep my mind off his passing. So I figured I would give my picks for a Prince tribute. 

Some of these these award shows completely drop the ball/fuck up where tributes are concerned and I don’t want to have to drag BET for another lackluster tribute! Because I have before and will again! 

My list is very short and simple: Beyoncé, Janelle Monaé, Daley, and Miguel. I think these four artist would give an amazing tribute to the Purple One. I haven’t quite figured out what songs I would want thing to sing, but we can’t go wrong with these four. I have few questions for my kinfolk tho:

  1. Who would be on your line-up?
  2. Who isn’t allowed near the stage? 
  3. What songs would you have them perform? 

I am interested to know because BET is going to most definitely need some help coming up with this tribute. Y’all know it’s hit or miss with them and #BlackTwitter and I have no problem dressing in all black like “The Omen” and dragging BET within an inch of their life! 

Whut say you?

Prince Has Died At 57 

TMZ has reported that musical legend Prince has died att he age of 57. It was just last week that his plane headed from Atlanta to Minneapolis had to make an emergency stop because the singer felt ill. He was said to be battling a bad case of the flu, but was on the mend. According to TMZ

Multiple sources connected to the singer confirmed he had passed.

The singer — full name Prince Rogers Nelson — had a medical emergency on April 15th that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Illinois. But he appeared at a concert the next day to assure his fans he was okay. His people told TMZ he was battling the flu.

This is all too much! I am sending condolences and prayers to Prince’s family and friends. This was definitely unexpected. 

Still developing…

[Review] More Issues Than Vogue-K. Michelle


K. Michelle’s new album, More Issues Than Vogue(MITV), dropped a few weeks ago and not without it’s fair share of “issues”. First she had an on air spat with Breakfast Club host Angela Yee and then  she has reportedly been banned from all Radio One platforms because she failed to appear at an event sponsored by Radio One without a good legitimate excuse. Kathy Hughes plays no games! These are prime examples of how K’s antic overshadow her amazing talents, MITV is actually a very good album but the goodness is being missed due to unnecessary drama. Just sing K, and cut the bullshit drama!

MITV has 12 tracks which is a good round number, y’all know how I feel about too many tracks. The album features Jason Derulo,Trina, and Yo Gotti. K doesn’t stray far from her normal formula but she does experiment with Pop on Make The Bed and Country on If It Ain’t Love. She doesn’t completely abandon her core fan base, but she is able to show growth. 

MITV has several tracks that I enjoyed. Mindful produced by T-Pain is uptempo and has a very catchy hook. K even displays her rap skills. Got Em Like samples Outkast’s SpottieOttieDopaliscious so I instantly fell in love with this song you can’t go wrong with an Outkast/Organized Noize sample. Nightstand is K’s ode to her vibrator the line the, “Can I get back the fucks I gave you?” pulled me right, another instant favorite of mine.

 K sings her heart on All I Got, she sings about being content with memories from past experiences/relationships . K really shines on this one. On Time she sings of a getting out a relationship right on time. The lyric, “Two things you can’t get back are words and time,” is the GOTDAMN truth. This song is my favorite from the album based on lyrics and vocal performance. Rich features my fav Trina  and K’s hometown buddy Yo Gotti. The hook is catchy and anything with Trina on it I am HERE for! This one is sure to be a summer time anthem.

More Issues Than Vogue is a solid album, I give K. Michelle a hard time but I have always said that K. Michelle could go really far if she could just get out of her own way. This album shows growth without completely straying from what has worked on previous albums. Let’s hope K can work out her differences with Radio One, it would be a shame for his album to not be played on the radio. Good thing she has social media because she is definitely going to need it!

Whut say you?