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10 Things We Learned From The 2017 BET Awards 


Kinfolks! The BET Awards 2017 have come and gone! There was some good,  some bad, and some ugly. I am here to cut through the bullsh*t and give you “10 Thing We Learned From The 2017 BET Awards” like to hear it here it go!

1. Leslie Jones Isn’t Really That Funny

When Leslie Jones was announced as the host of the BET Awards I cringed and scratched my head at the same damn time. While this was a good look for her, Leslie Jones isn’t really that funny if we’re being honest. Is she having her moment? Yes. Is she the token black female comedian white America is choosing to highlight at the moment? Yes. As soon as she first hit the stage my first thought was, “So she gon just holler at us all night tho…?” And she did just that, the whole ENTIRE night! Now she did have a few moments that made me laugh, but they were few and far between. But I am going to let Leslie live.

2. MC Lyte Has Signed A Lifetime Contract To Be The Announcer For BET Award Shows

Auntie Lana AKA MC Lyte was once again saying these names and taking us to and from break, and I am HERE for it! But Auntie Lana *taps shoulder* Please don’t do my girl Issa like that EVER again! Have your pages in your Avery binder in order ON NEXT YEAR!

3. Chris Brown Was Afraid Of The Spotlight And Gucci Mane Teeth Were Not

So…Christopher Maurice Brown came out and performed for his life, but for some reason he avoided the spotlight like a Gremlin avoiding water. But Guwop’s AKA Gucci Mane’s smile is GLOWING UP N Shit! His redemption story is nothing short of amazing! I am HERE for his upcoming wedding special on BET.

4. Mary J. Blige Was Giving Us Bernadette 2017 From Waiting To Exhale

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul came out in a silver number that only she could pull off! She gave us revenge body and a proverbial “F*ck Kendu!” Now I will say this wasn’t her best showing, but she is The Queen! Put some RESPEK on her name! Bruno Mars looked disinterested and like he could have had a V8 in the audience, but we sat through his opening, and pretended to be interested! Also Kanye West ain’t shit for not performing in Mary’s video for “Love Yourself” I am NOT HERE for ASAP Rocky on this song!

5. Xscape Is Back!

Xscape is back! The performance was good, but the ladies need to find the nearest treadmill and the highest heels and get this endurance up, before they hit the road for this tour! But you can’t deny the ladies still have it! Also Tamika Scott is thicker than a snicker! Kandi may not be the best solo artist, but she is shines in a group. She was holding it down! Tiny came through on the first verse of understanding! LaTocha sang too even though I really see it for HER. I was HERE for this reunion! Can’t wait till that ATL show it is sure to be lit!

6. French Montana & Future Have Terrible Stage Presence 

If we’re being honest French Montana and Future have terrible stage presence. I go up for French and Future songs, and one can’t deny that they have songs that make the club go crazy!  But performing live, they leave a lot to the imagination. French’s set looked like a cross between Beyoncé’s set from last year’s awards and Kendrick Lamar’s set from last year’s Grammys, with French tossed into the middle. Nayvadius AKA Future let Kendrick Lamar come out and steal his show, which really wasn’t that hard to do because again his stage presence is lacking!

7. Tamar Braxton Gave Us Lil Kim “All About The Benjamins” 2017

She! Me! Her! AKA Slaymar AKA Tamar Braxton was in GOOD VOICE last night! She did her GOOD singing! Even though many on the internets, myself included thought she may have had some help, but after watching it again and watching her warm up prior to the performance, I am convinced she sang live! Tamar came out and said, “You wanna bumble wit the T, huh? Throw a hex on your whole family” She was dressed in all black like ‘The Omen” Pull in close to the screen before I move off Tamar, STOP COMPARING HER TO LIVING LEGEND TONI BRAXTON! She will not and has never said she wanted to replace Toni Braxton! Let her be great GOTDAMMIT!

8. Chance The Rapper Is Amazing And Shit!

Chance The Rapper never ceases to amaze me! Best New Artist Grammy with no major label. Humanitarian efforts out the ass! This 23-year-old is doing and will do amazing things out here in this world. I am HERE for Chance’s rise, it can only get better from here! Keep doing what you’re doing Chance! Amazing to see black men being amazing and shit!

9. New Edition Is Legend

New Edition received the well deserved and long overdue Lifetime Achievement Award last night. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike,Ralph and Johnny still out here booking stages and shit! The tribute was EXCELLENT! The speech was EXCELLENT! The performance with the cast from the movie was EXCELLENT! I need them to go ahead and set up this Vegas residency so I can get my tickets! I will completely fan out! One last thing about the tribute does anyone else feel like Luke James is the male version of Jennifer Hudson, in that they are both hella talented, but can’t seem to find their way in the music industry. They both sing their throats out, so why can’t they find their way?

10. The Show Was Too GOTDAMN Long!

4 hours BET? Really? On a school night BET? This show should have started at 7 p.m. EST if y’all knew it was going to be that damn long! The show just went on and on and on! I know what you’re saying, “You could have turned it off” but who wants to see the recorded version? BET let’s work on time management for next years show. Maybe move some of these new artists to the pre-show to free up some time. BET y’all really spent some coint on the stage set-ups and overall the production value was good!

Longassness aside, the show was good! Debra Lee and Co. y’all did good! I can’t wait for the Soul Train Awards. Debra *taps shoulder* I need y’all to work really hard on Prodigy’s tribute for The BET Hip Hop Awards, we have time, and Lil Kim is available if she doesn’t get picked up for robbery!

Whut say you?

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