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15-Year-Old Founder & CEO of Mo’s Bows Signs Partnership Deal With NBA


Kinfolk! Many people are quick to say that this new generation of children are doomed, but 15-yr-old Moziah Bridges is proving that narrative to be false. He is the founder and CEO of MO’s Bows, a bow tie company. He started the company at 12 years old  with the help of an investment from the popular televison show, Shark Tank.

Fast forward 3 years and Bridges has signed a  seven figure licensing deal with The National Basketball Association(NBA) to produce bow ties with NBA logos on them. You read that right THE NBA! This isn’t the first time he has worked with the NBA, back in 2015 he served as a fashion correspondent for that year’s draft. He provided handmade ties to the drafts picks. His bow ties will be sold on the NBA’s website and also in retail outlets. This is huge!

Bridges says,

“My goal has always been to make Mo’s Bows a household name for kid entrepreneurship and men’s accessories,”

He also says,

“Partnerships like this one will help me reach my goals of having a full clothing line by the time I graduate from college. It feels really good to know a major company like the NBA believes in me and my vision to shake up the world through fashion.”

His websites states that he plans to attend college in New York City to persue a degree in fashion design, and have his own clothing line by age 20. These are amazing goals and aspiration for an outstanding young man.

Check out his website MO’s Bows and step up your wardrobe. Also check out his Instagram Page. This is definitely black excellence and this young man is flexin in his complexion!

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