WaitWaitWhut!?! Politics: Why You Mad?: Smiley & West VS President Barrack Obama


For the longest time I have been trying to figure out why Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have beef with President Barrack Obama. I mean what is it!?!  Well, on my daily search of all things entertainment and current events I stumbled upon an opinion piece on CNN written by LZ Granderson, and I must admit some of the things he said made complete sense to me.

In the piece Granderson points out some of the reasons he thinks that Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are mad.

Smiley, an author, media personality and leading voice in the black community, invited then-Sen. Barack Obama to speak at his “State of the Black Union” forum in New Orleans. Obama declined, opting instead to campaign because he was locked in a tough primary with Sen. Hillary Clinton, who did attend the forum. In his place, Obama offered to send his wife, Michelle. Anyone who has seen the first lady speak knows this is hardly a consolation prize.Smiley said no thanks.Obama sent a letter, reiterating the importance of the forum, and asked Smiley to reconsider.He didn’t. And thus, the rift.

Now this is starting to make sense to me(AH HA MOMENT!) Mr. Smiley felt slighted because he thought he ran Obama’s schedule, I mean he did offer to send Michelle Obama in his place, what more did Mr. Smiley want? To me its sounds like his ego was bruised, and he felt Obama owed him some sort of “hook-up” Come the f*ck on! Stop it!

The author goes on to talk about the reasons he thinks Cornel West is mad with POTUS.

Same goes for Smiley’s partner-in-whine, Cornel West, who was so upset that he received one ticket to the 2009 inauguration instead of the requested three that afterward he compared Obama to Machiavelli.Before ticket-gate, West went on the trail for Obama.After the incident, West went off on Obama.

Really!?! Dr. West, your mad because you didn’t get three tickets to the inauguration, he honestly didn’t have to give you any. These tickets weren’t Mrs. Carter World Tour tickets or tickets from some radio station giveaway its the GOTDAMN inaguration for crying out loud!

These are just some highlights from the article and again much of what Granderson said makes complete sense to me. As I stated previously I have been trying to figure out for the longest what exactly their beef is with the President. I am all for questioning or challenging our leaders decisions and policies, but in my opinion Mr. Smiley’s and Dr. West’s attacks have been very personal. They seem to be mad because the President didn’t roll out the red carpet for them once he got into office. In watching them in interviews you would think that Smiley and West walked the President to the White House steps and placed the presidency in his hands.

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2 thoughts on “WaitWaitWhut!?! Politics: Why You Mad?: Smiley & West VS President Barrack Obama

  • May 6, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Please tell me what itty bitty segment of the black community is Tavis Smiley leading…. After Tom Joyner severed ties with him for his ongoing unwarranted attacks of the POTUS … He was banished to PBS 5 minutes after midnight slot for life !!! Other than the 5 people who bought his book … No one is listening to Tavis or Cornell any longer! They lost the respect of the community when they got personal with their assaults !!!


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