Happy Burfday! Doug E. Fresh

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Doug E. Fresh turns 47 today!

Douglas E. Davis (born September 17, 1966), better known by the stage name Doug E. Fresh, is a record producer, and beat boxer, also known as the Human Beat Box. The pioneer of 20th-century American beatboxing, Fresh is able to imitate drum machines and various special effects using only his mouth and a microphone.

Doug E. Fresh started off as solo act, he later went on to join a group of DJ’s called The Get Fresh Crew along with MC Ricky D aka Slick Rick and recorded the hit songs, “The Show,” which sampled the Inspector Gadget theme song and also “La Di Da Di” which featured Slick Rick backed by Doug E. Fresh’s signature beatboxing. These songs catapulted Fresh and Slick Rick into hip hop stardom. Both songs are considered hip hop classics.

Happy Burfday Doug E. Fresh!

Check Out The “The Show/ La Di Da Di”

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