TLC Unveils Tracklist For Greatest Hits Album “20”


In preparation for the VH1 biopic, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, T-Boz and Chilli  are prepping to release a new greatest hits collection highlighting their hits. The album’s title commemorates the 20th anniversary of the group creation. The album features TLC’s most popular song as well as new song, Meant to Be, written by singer song writer Ne-Yo.

Album is in stores October 20, and CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story premieres October 21 on VH1

Check Out Tracklisting:

1. Ain’t 2 Proud Beg
2. What About Your Friends
3. Baby, Baby, Baby
4. Hat 2 Da Back
5. Creep
6. Waterfalls
7. Red Light Special
8. Diggin’ on You
9. Kick Your Game
10. No Scrubs
11. Unpretty
12. Silly Ho
13. Damaged
14. Meant to Be

Will you purchasing the CD? Will you watch the biopic?


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