Lorde Performs “Royals” On GMA


I love new artists!

One day while listening to The Read podcast one of the hosts, Crissle, mentioned an artist by the name of Lorde. I had never heard of her, so me being a lover of music, I scooted on over to Spotify to check her out. At that time she only had,The Love Club EP, available. I instantly fell in love with it! I was shocked to find out that the New Zealander is only 16 years old.

Lorde recently dethroned Miley Cyrus from the Number 1 Spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 with her smash single Royals, from her album Pure Heroine. Lorde is most definetely an artist to watch. Her voice is unique, and her material is great check out The Love Club EP and Pure Heroine, I would not steer you wrong.

Check Out Lorde On GMA:





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