New Video: Bound 2-Kanye West


So Kanye Omari West premiered the video for Bound 2, off his Yeezus album on Ellen, and I am trying to figure out how exactly Ellen was able to keep straight face after watching it because I surely could not. The video features Kanye on a motorcyle in front of a green screen with various nature scenes in the background, and then a toplesss Kim Kardashian pops up. Now I am all for art, and artists expressing themselves, but sir what in the entire f*ck is this!?! *side eye*

Bound 2 is actually one of my favorite songs off Yeezus,Β but this video makes absolutely no sense to me, it could just be over my head, but I will say Kim boobs are SITTIN! I have grown tired of Kanye’s antics. Add Lady Gaga to the list as well.


Say Whut!?!

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