Stopped-and-Frisked: ‘For Being a F**king Mutt’ [VIDEO]

I was on Facebook today and a friend of mine posted a video from, The Nation, the article features a video about the controversial stop and frisk policy that is carried out by The New York Police Department. The video shows how discriminatory and unprofessional this policy is. It also sheds light on the fact that police officers are “allegedly” forced to stop and frisk innocent individuals to meet an unspoken “quota.”

After watching the video, I was bothered to say the least. It is amazing that a group of individuals who are called to protect and serve are stopping and harassing innocent individuals, mainly minorities. I know things like this go on, but to see it and hear it first hand is all the more disturbing.

Check out the full article HERE

What do you think of Stop and Frisk?


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