Happy Burfday! Jay-Z


It’s Sean Carter AKA Jay-Z’s Burfday Today!

If you know me personally or you read this blog, then you know that Jay-Z is my favorite rapper. Jay-Z is a self made millionaire. He came from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York to the mogul that he is today. He is a husband to Queen Bey, Father to Blue Ivy, and he is BUSINESS Man!

Jay is currently on tour your promoting his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, which is great by the way, I will be rocking with him at Phillips Arena on Dec 27!

It was announced yesterday that Jay-Z and his wife will go vegan for 22 days in and effort to eat healthier. This will be challenging since both are on tour, but if anyone can do it the Carter’s can.

So clap for Jay wit his rappin ass!

Happy Burfday Jay-Z!


4 thoughts on “Happy Burfday! Jay-Z

  1. It’s not vegan, it’s simply a plant based diet for which any health benefits will be undone with an Xmas feast. Vegan means no animals/bi-products in the food, clothing, cosmetics, household products and reducing as much as possible from everyday items such as plastics to camera film. For many it also means being as environmentally friendly as possible and caring about human welfare in industries such as leather fabric dying which poisons tons of poor people in non-Westernized countries.

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