New Music: Who Am I To Change-Bobby V



Blackberry molasses there’s going to be some heartache and pain, because Bobby V refuses to give up on this music career! Talk about perseverance. Between Bobby V and Ashanti, I don’t know who is more resilient! They refuse to go check receipts at Best Buy.

Bobby V has released, Who Am I To Change, which is throwback to the Motown days, I guess. The song is from his upcoming EP, Peach Moon (*side eye*), I really wish these R&B artists would stop biting  The Purple One’s style. Prince did Under The Cherry Moon years ago, so I guess we just changed fruits in 2013(*side eye*). Anyway I won’t sit up here and pretend that Bobby V doesn’t have nice songs, but the problem that I have with him is the fact that  all his projects sound the same, kind of like Jagged Edge. You love the albums but they all sound the same.

I do like the song and I have to give credit for resilience, Bobby V has been around for a longtime. Hopefully this EP is good. Until it drops check out, Who Am I To Change below.


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