New Music: D.R.U.G.Z-Foxy Brown



King Fox is back with new music! Foxy Brown stated earlier this year that she was in the studio working on new album, she has dropped a snippet from a new song called, D.R.U.G.Z .

“I don’t pop molly, I rock the crown though,” raps Fox, while boasting, “This ain’t official top 10 if I ain’t mentioned.”

Check out Inga’s gritty rhymes below.


Whut say you?




6 thoughts on “New Music: D.R.U.G.Z-Foxy Brown

    • I think that’s the struggle that Lil’ Kim and Foxy deal with and this is trying to grow where their material is concerned. Its really hard to sell the whole sexed up image that both MC’s became famous for at their age. I think they both could grow if they actually sat down and created material about struggles in their life and actually let us in. Foxy’s album Broken Silence is the closest that she has came to showing growth.

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