Happy Burfday! Mary J. Blige


It’s Mary J. Blige’s Burfday Today!

Mary Jane Blige is to be one of my favorite female R&B artists. I have been rocking with her since she was singing background in that Father MC video. The Queen of Hip Hop or MJB is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional rapper and actress. She has released 10 studio albums, I own all of them. She is a 9 time Grammy Award winner. She has sold 50 millions albums worldwide, and 15 millions singles worldwide. Mary’s most recent project is her Christmas album, A Mary Christmas, which she has been promoting heavily. She most recently had a role in the motion picture, The Black Nativity.  It was recently announced that MJB would be going on tour with R Kelly. Mary is a trendsetter and manages to always reinvent herself in this ever changing music industry.

Happy Burfday Mary J. Blige!

Whut, say you?