New Video-Lookin Ass N*gga-Nicki Minaj


Barbz Rejoice!

Young Money’s first lady has dropped a new video for a song titled Lookin Ass N*gga. On the song Nicki is going hard on dudes who front and fake. Onika is killin in this dress! It compliments all her ASSets! Let me just say DAMN PONYTAIL!

The song is ok,but I need the “The Come-Up DVD” Nicki back!  The song is said to be on her upcoming album, The Print Print and also the Young Money Compilation, Rise of an Empire.

Check It Out:

Whut say you?


6 thoughts on “New Video-Lookin Ass N*gga-Nicki Minaj

  1. Thank you for going back to your roots, Great decision to walk away from the bubble gum bull shish, fad out thats exactly the route you was heading boo, boo! This song excited me cant wait to hear more

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