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If you not really a music fan, the Alegbra Blesset may have flown below your music radar, but she didn’t fly below mine. Her first album Purpose was released in 2008, and that album still is in heavy rotation on my iPod. If you haven’t heard it, then you don’t know what you’re missing(At This Time, U Do For Me, and My Pride are good starting points).

Algebra’s most recent album is titled Recovery and it was released in January 2014( I am late on the review I know, but better late than never!). If ever you needed an album to help you recover from a bad break-up, then I would have to say this may be the album to assist you with that. Algebra may not be a mainstream artist, but she is very thoughtful and introspective in her lyrics. As an avid music lover and listener, I can completely appreciate an artist that puts thought into their lyrics. That is exactly what Algebra has done with Recovery. The album opens with Exordium To Recovery (Give My Heart A Chance), when I first listened to this it gave me the feeling of a phoenix rising from ashes kind of like a metaphor for a person getting back up and pressing forward after heartache. This intro was a fitting open to the album. From the intro she  flows right into Recovery,on which she sings about how hard the road to recovery is, I love the use of the Soul II Soul sample(Keep on Movin’) it just adds to the song.

Right Next To You, is a mid-tempo song,on which Algebra sings about her yearning to be right next to her man. This song is very easy to relate to, we have all wanted to be all up under our significant other, and if you say you haven’t experienced that feeling, then you’ve been deprived. Nobody But You, is another mid-tempo radio friendly joint, that I must say is a favorite of mine, and also a good lead single.  Next up is Struggle To Be, which features Q-Parker from the 90’s group 112. Algebra’s and Q’s voices mesh well on this song on which Algebra sings about resisting the temptation of pursing an affair with a former flame who is now married. Q plays the part of the married former flame who is also struggling with the temptation of pursing an affair with Algebra. They both struggle to be the good girl and good guy in this precarious situation. Again Algebra provides her listeners with lyrics they can relate to, many people have been in this situation, maybe not the extent of the former flame being married, but something very similar.

Augment To Recovery(Give My Heart A Chance) serves as another interlude on which Algebra proclaims that she is recovering, and her ex won’t interfere with this process. Amen Sister! This song leads into Forever, this song is kind of self-explanatory, it’s not one of favorite tracks on the album, but I don’t hate it. She kind of sounds like India Arie on this one.  Up next is Writer’s Block, a slow song, on which Algebra details her writing process. I like this song, but it’s not my favorite song off the album.

Paper Heart is up next, and let me just say that the use of Billie Holiday’s Good Morning Heartache, did something to my damn soul! With lyrics like, “Paper Heart…to get scribbled on, ripped and torn, from your love…don’t want to be your paper heart”  Algebra did not play with this song she meant every word of this, and I received EACH and EVERY word. This is probably my favorite track off the album. As if that song wasn’t enough of a gut punch for listener, Algebra flows right into Danger Zone, which is stirring mid-tempo song with a driving beat that does something to me, on the song she sings about falling in love being a danger zone, these lyrics ring true. Algebra’s voice rides the beat of this song very well, and this is another favorite of mine. Next up is Mystery, on which Algebra’s proclaims, ” To hell with all this mystery…I love you and you love me.” This is another song that listeners can really relate to, we have all been in a situation, where are feeling someone,  but don’t want to give too much for fear of being hurt. Whew!! She said a word with this song, this is a another favorite of mine.

Another Heartache, is a stirring ballad that Algebra sings about letting a potential great relationship slip away. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary! This song right here! This song right here! OMG Alegrbra this must stop! You have me all in my feelings with this one ma’am! I love this song. Better Me, is a song about the hard task of moving on after a break-up, this song take listeners on the roller coaster ride of emotions that flood us after a break up. Another great song lyrically, and very easy to relate to. The album closes with, I’ll Be Ok, another stirring ballad about just wanting to be ok after a break-up. Algebra proclaims that she is ok with letting love find it’s place with her. This was great way to end this album. It is a kind of full circle feeling after going down the road to recovery, you have to proclaim that you will be ok!

This album is cohesive, it doesn’t feel all over the place. It is apparent that Algebra really sat down and thoughtfully put this album together. The lyrics evoke deep emotions. That is exactly what good music is supposed to do! While Algebra hasn’t had much mainstream success, she is a force to reckoned with where lyrics are concerned. Algebra sings with unfailing musicality. This album is most definitely worth a listen, especially if you are nursing a broken heart and if you love good music. Don’t take my opinion as the gospel,but trust me I would not steer you wrong. I know good music when I hear it, and this is it!

Final Rating: 4/5

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