Happy Burfday! Eddie Murphy



It’s Eddie Murphy’s Burfday Today!

Edward Regan Murphy is an actor, writer, singer, director, and musician. He is one the highest grossing actors in Hollywood. He was a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live( 70-80’s).  Murphy has release three stand-up special( Eddie Murphy, Delirious, and Raw). He has starred in countless movies( 48 Hours series, Beverly Hills Cop series, Trading Places, Coming To America, The Nutty Professor series, Dr. DoLittle,  and Norbit  just to name a few).  He has also done voices for animated movies(Donky in Sherek, The PJ’s, and Mushu in Mulan ).  He is a Golden Globe Winner and Oscar Nominated.

Murphy has 8 children(5 from previous marriage to Nicole Murphy & 3 from other relationships). Eddie Murphy’s comedy is timeless, his older movies and stand-up special are still relevant and funny today.

This one of my favorite clips from Raw


Happy Burfday Eddie Murphy!



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