New Music:No Sh*t Sherlock(Mixtape)-Lil Mo

Lil-Mo-NoShitSherlock_700 (1)


Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

R&B Diva LA Diva Lil Mo is back with new music in the form of a mixtape titles, No Sh*t Sherlock, yep you read the title right in all its ratchet glory! On this mixtape we have Mo rapping and singing.  She covers Chris Brown’s hit song, Loyal, and several other songs that can currently be heard on the radio. The stand out track for us has to the cover of Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor(Glory!!! *throws hands up)

Lil Mo is said to be working on studio album titled, The Scarlet Letter, due out sometime this summer. We can always count on Lil Mo to give us a hood classic! Y’all can act like she didn’t single-handedly make Ja Rule’s albums bubble in the streets back in the 90’s, and what about when she laced Jay-Z’s Parking Lot Pimping. Mo is one of our favorites vocally.

Check Out The Mixtape:

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