Another episode of Ratchetpiece Theater AKA Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has come and gone, and we are here to give you the CliffsNotes to guide along this ratchet road. We were missing in action last week due to a much-needed vacation, but we’re back this week with the goods. Like to hear it here it go!

  • Hunch of Notre Dame AKA Benzino scheduled a meeting with Steven Jordan, Mimi(Pornstar), and Dawn to discuss Jose and Steven Jordan’s fake marriage, and SJ is sticking to his story, but can’t quite remember if he was married on June 29 or July 29
  • Booga Suga AKA Mama Dee meets with Erica Pinkett to discuss the fight that occurred at Scrappy’s party, Erica basically slanders “The Bambi”  and tells Mama Dee that she needs to check “The Bambi’s” Pussyfax! We lived for this, and you can bet we are using that one! Good one Erica!
  • Rasheeda and Kirk have a photo shoot for Sister 2 Sister magazine that includes Rasheeda’s mom, Baby Carter, and Rasheeda’s other son. The shoot doesn’t go too well because Kirk and mother-in-law are still beefing. Rasheeda and Kirk are still carrying on this drama for TV SMH. The whole ATL knows this is strictly for TV.
  • Jose AKA Joseline and Steven Jordan have dinner to discuss Jose’s Hip Hop Weekly spread and Jose states that she doesn’t need a stylist, and would rather style herself.
  • Waka and Tammy have another boring ass scene, they are really going to have to turn it up if they plan on staying around for another season because they are a snoozefest, but S/O to Mona and VH1 for the subtitles because Lord knows we cram to understand Waka.
  • Mimi meets with Dawn to discuss her career(porn career) and Mimi is emphatic about the fact that she is not a porn star! We beg to GOTDAMN differ! Dawn even goes as far as to compare Mimi to Vanessa Williams, to which we reply, “Get The Entire F*ck Outta Here!” The GOTDAMN nerve!
  • Booga Suga AKA Mama Dee meets with “The Bambi” and Erica Pinkett and of course EP shakes the table and calls herself popping off at “The Bambi” for the two piece she received at Scrappy’s party. *Yawns*
  • Jose has a photo shoot for his Hip Hop Weekly spread and it is discovered that Tammy has been discussing Jose’s business with Mimi, and y’all know he wasn’t too happy about that!
  • Rasheeda and Kaleena work in the studio on a song for Rasheeda’s defunct rap career and discuss her marital problems. We are informed that Kaleena is married, who knew?(Rasheeda please give it up and do a hair and makeup line like Auntie Deb suggested last season)
  • Booga Suga and “The Bambi” meet again to clear the air after the second blow-up with Erica Pinkett and “The Bambi” basically lets Booga Suga know that she is over her and Scrappy’s so-called “Palace”  that exists in Never Never Land.
  • Tammy and Jose meet to hash out their differences, and it doesn’t go too well, they argue and Jose gets up and exits. We kinda liked Tammy for the way she handled the situation, she might just be able to hold her own.

S/N: Mona we peeped your product placement in the scene with Rasheeda and Kaleena, we may just try the Myxx Moscato(we think that is how you spell it).

Welp! I think we covered all the important points, and if we missed something it probably wasn’t entertaining enough for us to remember. As always check back next week for our recap of Ratchetpiece Theater AKA Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Whut say you?

Whut, say you?