Braxton Family Values Season 4 Trailer


The Braxton Clan is coming back this August and it looks like it going to be a season full of drama. Traci tries to beat up Tamar, Traci is pressing charges, Towanda is breaking dishes, and Tamar is quitting the show! What in the ENTIRE hell is going on with these women? We will be tuning in for all the drama. Check out the trailer below:


8 thoughts on “Braxton Family Values Season 4 Trailer

  1. I’m gonna tell you what’s going on….
    1. Childhood trauma that hasn’t been worked out
    2. Jealousy, not so much from Toni
    3. Money
    And Last, but should have been #1
    (ALCOHOL )
    Those girls have a serious addiction
    Toni may be the only one who doesn’t, but I wouldn’t doubt if earlier in her career before Lupus became a problem she didn’t!
    All of them need AA

      • Think about every episode ALCOHOL is a huge part of it, pay attention to their facial features clear signs of an alcoholic, Traci is on Couples Therapy and her husband said that’s part of the problem they both drink to much, one episode hunny she woke up and had a “Breakfast Burrito ” or whatever she called it, any way it was half a glass of Vodka Straight up and she drank it like it was water and snuck another glass

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