YaYa DaCosta Recreates Whitney Houston’s Iconic Album Cover


If you didn’t already know Lifetime Network will be releasing a biopic based upon the life of the late Whitney Houston. America’s Next Top Model runner-up, Yaya DaCosta, has been cast to play Houston.

If you hadn’t heard Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kris, is not happy with the production of this movie. She felt that she should have been cast to play her mother. I totally disagree with her and so did the director Angela Bassett, and she said it best when she said Bobbi Kris is not an actor and a role on a Tyler Perry sitcom and reality show don’t constitute acting skills.

I think Yaya is a good choice to play Whitney, she looks like Whitney and she has acting experience. I also think with Angela Bassett at the helm the biopic will be good and she wouldn’t let it be anything but a good representation of Whitney.

DaCosta recently recreated Houston’s 1987 iconic album cover for Entertainment Weekly, and I think she did an awesome job! I am very interested to see this biopic and see what aspects of Houston’s life will be covered

Whut say you?



4 thoughts on “YaYa DaCosta Recreates Whitney Houston’s Iconic Album Cover

  1. I’m so on the fence with Lifetime, I get what there doing, but I just feel that they are cutting the most important middle man out for financial gain, I get that its a tribute, I get Bobbi can’t act, but she should have been included, I feel the same about grandmas book…..well I will say at least they chose a women of color to play a woman of color!

    • Included in what way? To my understanding production reached out to the family and they declined to be involved. I think Angela Bassett will ensure that her story is told respectfully. As far as Cissy Houston’s book is concerned she birthed Whitney and if she wants to write a book about her’s she should be able to. Why wasn’t their an outcry about the whole reality show soon after Whitney died that Bobbi Kris was heavily involved in. I just think Bobbi Kris was reaching as far as wanting a staring role in the movie, I could possibly see a supporting role, but starring nope. As far as Lifetime is concerned I think it’s a reputable network, I would have preferred HBO but, Lifetime does good biopics(Dontella). I don’t think it would hit big at the box office unless they dug up all the dirt(i.e. drug use.) and sensationalized and showed graphic detail. Much like domestic violence sold What’s Love Got To Do With It, without that component it would not have been half as big in my opinion

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