New Music: What The F@#K You Gon Do? WTFYGD-Tameka Tiny Harris


I guess all this Floyd Mayweather and divorce drama has inspired former Xscape member Tameka Tiny Harris to put out some new music. The song is titled What The F@#K You Gon Do? WTFYGD and it’s sounds like it speaks directly to the drama surrounding T.I and Tiny. Not sure if TIP approved of this. The song was released on Tiny’s own Pink Hustle Record label.

People like to forget that Tiny is an accomplished singer/songwriter before her and TIP got together, and she was actually making more money than T.I. at one point in time. Also let’s not forget she did co-write TLC’s No Scrubs and you already know that means she gets publishing checks to this day! I like this new liberated Tiny she always seems so stifled or on a leash where TIP is concerned. I honestly want the ladies of Xscape to work that shit out and give us an album. If SMV and Salt N Pepa can work it out the surely y’all can! I kind of like the song, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of Kandi’s failed attempts at solo success.

Check It Out:

Whut say you?


4 thoughts on “New Music: What The F@#K You Gon Do? WTFYGD-Tameka Tiny Harris

  1. Thankyou Meka you must have read my mind. I always wanted to know what you voice sounds like singing solo and I must say it’s a hit, i’ve listened to this song over and over and it is a hit! Excuse me while I listen again

  2. Kandi needs voice lessons to help her create a new sound, she sounds like she’s singing under water, ugh!

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