New Music: No Flex Zone(Remix)-Lil Kim Freestyle




Lil Kim has released yet another freestyle, this time it’s over Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.” The beat is produced by Mike  Will-Made-It. Now let me say this, Lil Kim is a hip hop icon and she has receipts for days, but this right here and many of her other recent freestyles are not on the level that they should be. As I have said before I want Lil Kim to focus less on Nicki Minaj and more on putting together a good album or at least a damn song!

Listening to Kim attempting to sing “No Flex Zone” on the hook is like listening to finger nails on a chalk board, and the bars are mediocre. I expect so much more from Kimberly, because I know she still has it! I need someone to shake her so that she can re-focus because slowly but surely she is ruining  her legacy. Lil Kim is one of my favorites, but this new Lil Kim I do not like AT ALL!

Take A Listen Below:


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