Album Cover: Paperwork-T.I.


TIP has revealed the cover of his new album Paperwork: The Motion Picture, which is his 9th album. The album is said to be the first of a trilogy. It is produced by Pharrell Williams. In an interview with MTV News he describes the album

“The sound sonically of this one is soulful, musical, kinda like [OutKast’s] Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik or Aquemini or [Jay Z’s] Blueprint,”

“It just has an incredible amount of soul and a perfect hybrid between the ahead-of-the-curve, new-school sound and the classic, nostalgic, soulful sound of yesteryear.”

TIP is putting the finishing touches on the album, which is schedule for release on October 21 on Grand Hustle/Columbia Records. I am looking forward to the release of this album I have been a T.I. fan since the beginning. He is one of the few artists I will spend my coins on! I am never disappointed with his albums

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