[LISTEN] Jazmine Sullivan- Forever Don’t Last


GOTDAMMIT Jazmine Sullivan!

Jazmine Sullivan is known for evoking emotions you didn’t even know you had! She does just that with her second single, Forever Don’t Last, from her upcoming album. Any time you start a song off with, ” I had high hopes for us baby…” you already know what the f*ck it is! Between the highs/lows of Jazmine’s voice, the guitar, and the background vocal I don’t know what the hell to do with myself! Jazmine didn’t play any games with this song. This ladies and gentlemen is what good music sounds like.

“Forever doesn’t last too long these days…”

No truer words have been sung or spoken. Jazmine is going to have someone in their GOTDAMN feelings(me included) with this damn song right here. I am ready to hear what Jazmine has in store for us with this new album. If this song is any indication of what to expect then we are in for a treat, and I am HERE for it!

S/N: I meant to post this days ago, but hey better late than never!

Take a listen and get in your feelings:

Whut say you?



2 thoughts on “[LISTEN] Jazmine Sullivan- Forever Don’t Last

  1. I love her, she believes in her Music, her Acoustic Feel and Words always draws me right in….if it wasn’t for Monica I would actually go see her and Keyshia!

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