Danity Kane Back Together?


Shannon and Aubrey have reunited, and they have announced October 27 as the release date for DK3 or DK2 if you’re a stickler for numbers. The album features 10 tracks many of which were performed during their promo tour.

It’s not looking too good where album promotion is concerned for this album. I am assuming that they wanted to release this album for their fans. We shall see how this work out. A part of me wishes they could put aside petty bullshit and GET TO THE MONEY! Then the other side of me really gives zeros f*cks. Just give me the tracks!

Check out the tracklisting below:

Danity Kane – “DK3″ Tracklisting

1. Rhythm of Love
2. Lemonade (feat. Tyga)
3. All In a Day’s Work
4. Rage
5. Tell Me
6. Two Sides
7. Secret Lover
8. Roulette
9. Pieces
10. Bye Baby

Whut say you?



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