[Photo/Video] Remy Ma Hasn’t Missed A Beat Since Her Release From Prison!


Since her release from prison Remy Ma hasn’t missed a beat. I actually can’t tell that she was incarcerated for 5 years. She came out of prison right on trend where fashion is concerned, which is clear from the picture above, and also from many of the pictures on her Instagram page. She quickly learned the value of social media to her brand. Remy’s team is out here in these street workin!

It boggles my mind that Remy was gone for 5 years and only has 1 album to her credit, and she was able to come back and pick up right where she left off, but Inga(Foxy Brown) & Kimberly( Lil Kim) can’t seem to get it together to save their lives. From the looks of the video below, it looks like Remy can still rock a crowd and command the stage.

Part 2 tonight at BB Kings in NYC! Be Around! Cause #ImAround #ItsALituation #RemyRaps

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I am anxiously awaiting Remy Ma’s new album. After spending fives years in a box, I am sure she has plenty to say. This is probably the only competition that Nicki has it the present moment. Wouldn’t it be something if Remy’s new album and Nicki’s Pink Print were released around the same time.

Whut say you?

Photo/Video Credit: Instagram: @therealremyma



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