Comedienne Sommore Calls B*llshit On Sheryl Underwood


Comedienne Sommore stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote stand up shows she will be performing during New York Comedy Festival. She also responded to comments made by fellow comedienne and The Talk host Sheryl Underwood.

To bring you up to speed, Underwood alleges that Sommore, Laura Hayes, and Adele Givens talked bad about her on a conference call, and she overheard it. Sommore stated that Underwoods was never being considered for Queen of Comedy. She also stated that sometimes things are said in business meetings that you may not like. She said plenty more check it out below(start at 5:30 mark)

I honestly think Sheryl was trying create ratings for her show, because why bring up something that happened “allegedly” years ago, why wasn’t it addressed earlier and in private? If there was indeed an occurrence it just comes across disingenuous when done in this way.

Whut say you?


Say Whut!?!

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