BeyHive Rejoice!

The Queen Bey re-released her platinum selling self-titled album, this past Tuesday. The album includes all the original songs, 2 new songs, and 4 remixes. I already reviewed the original songs from the album previously, and you can check that out HERE. Now let’s talk about the 2 new songs, 7/11 and Ring Off. 

7/11 is club banger written by Bey and Detail, with thumping baseline. The song is really a song about nothing, but it is fun and little ratchet, which  is always needed. It’s even better when it comes from the Queen Bey. Ring Off is an ode to Mama Tina, and I guess it’s the follow-up to Daddy, from Bey’s debut album, but this time we not taking bikes rides on the bayou and Bey is not HERE for Papa Knowles and his ever growing squad of baby mamas. I like the message of the song, but I am really not a fan of it. I am glad that Mama Tina has moved on in a positive way with her new man and new life.

Now let’s get to these remixes, now remixes can either can be all bad or all good. I liked the ***Flawlesss(Remix) featuring Nicki Minaj, but I felt like Nicki’s verse could have been stronger( ex. Monster). The Drunk in Love(Remix) featuring Kanye West(House Mutha Kanye) is ok, but I prefer the original better. I did not like the Blow(Remix) featuring Pharrell Williams, he adds nothing to the song and he sounds out-of-place. I didn’t feel one way or the other about the Standing On The Sun(Remix) and that’s probably because it’s so old.

Many people may say this re-release was unnecessary, but guess what? You bought it and so did I! If you didn’t that’s your business! All I need for the year to be complete is The On The Run Paris concert on DVD/Bluray and all will be good in the universe! I won’t even bother to rate this album because I think you already know what my rating is if you follow this blog.

Whut say you?

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Whut, say you?