Tune In Tuesday: The London Sessions-Mary J. Blige


Mary J. Blige’s new album, The London Sessions, drops today. The album features 12 song. Mary is always one to recreate herself and this time is no different. She went over to London for a month to record this album and from what I have heard, we are in for a treat! I have been rocking with Mary J. Blige since she was singing background for Father MC.

Check out the tracklisting below:

1. ‘Therapy’
2. ‘Doubt’
3. ‘Not Loving You’
4. ‘When You’re Gone’
5. ‘Right Now’
6. ‘My Loving’
7. ‘Long Hard Look’
8. ‘Whole Damn Year’
9. ‘Nobody But You’
10. ‘Pick Me Up’
11. ‘Follow’
12. ‘Worth My Time’

Check out my favorite track so far from the album:

Will you be going to pick up the Queen of Hip Hop Soul’s latest project today? I know I am!





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