[Review] The Intimate Truth-Ledisi


Ledisi has given her fans a treat with the acoustic version of her album, The Truth, the new EP is titled The Intimate Truth. The acoustic album features seven songs. I already reviewed, The Truth, in a previous post. I absolutely love this EP, Ledisi’s voice does something to me. To hear her deliver the songs live makes me want to go see her live in concert. There is something about watching an artist perform live(artists that can actually sing and have stage presence).

This EP does what Chrisette Michele tried to do with that ill-fated, The Lyricist Opus. My favorite song/performance is, Lose Control. Ledisi’s voice is on point and raw at the same time and her background singers are sangin! Mama did not play with this EP. I can’t wait to see what she has in store us with her new album. This EP definitely worth listening to if you enjoy good sangin and live performance. As always form your own about music and in general. But go cop this EP now!

Check out the Like This(Acoustic) below:

Final Rating: 5/5

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