[Watch]New Video: Every Moment-Jodeci 

Jodeci has finally released the video for, Every Moment, the lead single from their upcoming forth album, The Past, The Present, The Future. The album is due out March 31 and features production from Timband and a guest appearance from B.o.B

In the video we find the fellas singing in the snow with a grand piano to boot! Be sure to check out DeVante’s costar(his hat). I like the wardrobe in the video and I also like the song. I am interested to hear what this album will sound like.

Check out tracklisting for the new album below:

1. “Too Hot”
2. “Sho Out”
3. “Checkin for You”
4. “Those Things”
5. “Every Moment”
6. “Nobody Wins” feat. B.o.B
7. “Incredible”
8. “Jennifer”
9. “Body Parts”
10. “Stress Reliever”
11. “Sho Out” feat. Liana Banks
12. “Nobody Wins”

Check out the video HERE

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