[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: Feel The Funk-Immature

The Throwback Tuesday song is Feel The Funk by Immature. The song comes from the group’s third album, We Got It. Marques and company have come a long way since their childhood days. Check out the bob that Marques is rocking in the video, I blame Chris Stokes *side-eye*
Immature recently decided to get the band back together and release new material. They recently reworked Never Lie, which is one of their hits from the 90’s. I guess if Jodeci can get back together, then way can’t Immature. Hopefully more groups from 90’s get back together and release some new music. Until then check out, Feel The Funk, below.

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One thought on “[LISTEN] Throwback Tuesday: Feel The Funk-Immature

  • March 15, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    One of my favorites by Immature. Still play this one on a sunny day and just vibe.


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